So for a long time I've been flirting with the idea of a blog or a (slightly more ambitious) website. Somewhere where I can post my writing and have other people actually look at it. Googledocs is all well and good as a storage device, but I'm thinking big now. I'm thinking about maybe having people actuallyread what I write (eek!) and, inevitably, feedback on it and criticise it and engage with it.

A blog / website could give me an online presence, I reasoned with myself. Help me connect my writing to the very people it's intended to connect with. 

Plus there's the added bonus of endless-tamper-temptation-reduction. Once it's there, it's there and -- yes -- I could go back in time and swap that clumsy repetition of the word blue with a navy or cobolt or -- hell --  even an azure, but I would only be, as they say, cheating myself...

So, I made my mind up! No more lurking in the shadows (those inky, ebony, raven shadows)! No more hiding my name! No more confining my documents to my "writing"'s time they stood on their own feet, got out there and saw the world wide web! I will make a website and share my writing with the 12-19 age bracket whether the 12-19 age bracket wants me to or not!

So here it is. My new journal. My creative outlet. I hope you enjoy it. 

- CB Soulsby