So everything's going well at the moment with my writing. I've passed a personal milestone (half way through a second draft!), have a million ideas for things to work on once I'm done with Pearl, and I'm generally happy with the way my writing is developing. I don't think I'm publishable yet, but I'm getting there!

What I'm worrying about is all the extra stuff that comes with being an author. Reading other author's blogs has made me aware of how much touring and public speaking and conferencing they do. The idea of public speaking fills me with a dread bordering on phobia.

But by the looks of things interacting with people is pretty crucial when you're an author. Even if you're not public speaking, there's phone calls with agents and meetings with editors and signing with fans (imagine that, eh?). It's all incredibly daunting.

I know I'm getting ahead of myself, but the idea of actively choosing to put myself in the spotlight is so alien to me. I feel sick just thinking about it! Still, I know there's something I can do. Practise.

In the same way I have to practise writing to get better, surely I can practise these other skills, too? It's not unnattainable, it's just the process of getting there will be difficult...