So September has only just started but I'm already thinking about NANOWRIMO. Every year it kind of sneaks up on me and I only ever really give a half-arsed stab at it. Not this year! This year I will be prepared. My current WIP (the one that just kind of fell into my head immediately after my Pearl high and was so different I just had to write it) is well under way. And according to my schedule will be completed and simmering at the back of my mind long before November rolls around. Which gives me plenty of time to choose from one of my other, more established, more developed plot ideas. But the problem is I'm kind of in love with them all.So how to choose?I've (crudely) boiled them down to the following descriptions (plot wise, not stylistically):a) The Hunger Games meets Pernb) Dolls House meets Divergentc) The Little Mermaid meets FringeYou see what I'm up against here?Still, at least I'm in a much better position than I previously have been. I actually know how to plot now! ;)What about you? Will you be joining the masses and slogging away at a first draft this November? And how do you go about choosing what to write next? Let me know in the comments.Till next time.